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It is nearing the end of Depression Awareness Week, but it will not be nearing the end of many journeys alongside depression. There are still those of you who are afraid of the dar...
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25th Apr 2016
Charlotte shared her poem, 'My Sanity'. Post your blogs, stories and poems and join the conversation.   Let me tell you about my reality- what I live with, regrettably. It's not se...
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Leon Hubert
18th Apr 2016
Depression is a bit like erosion...imagine yourself as the rock. The harsh waves of the sea hit against you, wearing you down bit by bit. You feel pieces of your mind have been rus...
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14th Apr 2016
Welcome to the mental health blog that tells you it how it is. I aim to blog about my life living with a mental illness on here to open up the stigma ...
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12th Apr 2016
To wake up is supposed to be a wonderful thing. To be here on this planet another day, to walk and talk and live your life. To shine in the light. I don't see it like that, I don't...
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07th Apr 2016
This is similar to a prior blog by someone else, similar themes ................................. I was set the task of describing a ‘normal’ day by someone regards my BiPolar diso...
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04th Apr 2016
What if I opened up to them .. What if I shared my secretes and my fears what if I broke down laid it all bare told my story of tears and past ?? What if ? But no instead I keep it...
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28th Mar 2016
Please take a look at my mental health blog It also has a pathway to my everyday blog from Wordpress and Instagram. I'm motive at getting and mai...
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21st Mar 2016
This week brought a test of my mental resolve and drew out into the open just how far I still have to go on the road to recovery. For some time, I have been contemplating what the ...
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17th Mar 2016
Unless you've been there you can't know the absolute horror, the bleakness of feeling so hopeless that you chose to try and end your life. It doesn't even present itself as a choic...
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14th Mar 2016