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Threads My depression isn’t a black dog. An animal wouldn’t, couldn’t scare me as much as this does so I have to give it another image. What would it be? Nothing ...
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14th Jul 2015
I'm in a really bad place, I just need help, I'm 27 male, married with two beautiful children and we used to be so happy until my accident in January. It's made me such a miserable...
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11th Jul 2015
I suffer with social anxiety disorder. I am writing this to shed light on a mental illness that is often not spoken of, which is unsurprising really given the nature of the conditi...
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09th Jul 2015
Everyone has their own idea of what autism is and how it affects an individual. But for those without it it can be harder to imagine what life can be like feeling completely differ...
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08th Jul 2015
Being a twenty something female is hard, it's much harder when you suffer at the hands of mental illness. I am lucky, lucky enough that I am able to keep fighting and fighting. I d...
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06th Jul 2015
It's school sports day. Nearing 30C. I have a child in Year 4 and another in Nursery. I used to be a governor at the school, before depression made it impossible to continue. I am ...
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03rd Jul 2015
What does mental illness look like to you? Someone who sits in bed all day, unable to face the world? A person who goes around crying all the time and is never happy? Or perhaps ev...
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03rd Jul 2015
I'm Ciara. I seem like a normal 15 year old - I'm in year 11 currently studying for my GCSE's, I love listening to and playing music and I also love hanging out with my friends, dr...
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02nd Jul 2015
Hello, I am here to share my story with the hopes that somebody may have had a similar experience and might be able to provide me with guidance. My name is Jim and I am 35 years ol...
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02nd Jul 2015
I'm going to put some time and being in the moment with my pencil and pad I have been sketching on and off for a good four years and while practically all of it just comes from my ...
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01st Jul 2015