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Colin shared his blog, giving insight into living with bipolar. Try to imagine things are going quite well for you, you are in a happy relationship, being appreciated at work and y...
Posted by
Leon Hubert
31st Jul 2015
After a lovely weekend the bore of a working week is already taking its toll and its only Tuesday. I was really pleased but also very frustrated with myself on Saturday night. I ha...
Posted by
28th Jul 2015
Mental illness has blighted a significant proportion of my life. Depression and anxiety, whether or not I knew it at the time, robbed me of my confidence, made me feel inadequate a...
Posted by
27th Jul 2015
I was recommended to write down my thoughts and story on a blog as a way of dealing with stress and emotion. Well as a starting point I am 31 years old - I have recently been strug...
Posted by
22nd Jul 2015
When I have more time I'll write my back story and the beginning struggle I faced when first diagnosed. But it's been 1 year, 12 months , 365 days since the last time in OD on drug...
Posted by
20th Jul 2015
Hi my name is kyle, im 17 years old and I died (kinda). Its a long story so it would be easier to give you the short version. I suffer with depression and adjustment disorder which...
Posted by
18th Jul 2015
I write this as I am making my way home from another failed job interview. I officially graduated on Tuesday however I already feel lost and worthless in this new 'adult' world I'm...
Posted by
16th Jul 2015
I am 42 years old. Need help and I hope to receive it soon but meanwhile I am trapped in my head. I will soon be an island drifting away from the mainland. Not that I want to but t...
Posted by
16th Jul 2015
Whenever I have a depressive episode, or even just a day of low mood, the inevitable question, asked by professionals and friends alike, is always "and what was the trigger?" The q...
Posted by
15th Jul 2015
What an amazing experience to run the 10k in leeds. I ran this race in honour of my mum Dawn Eve Robinson who completed suicide 23/09/2013. I am a survivor of suicide. I do not wan...
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14th Jul 2015