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So starting therapy again, but it is different this time. It feels like my last chance. This is what I need, this is going to help, it is not magic but this is finally going to get...
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01st Oct 2015
Hi. My name is Jenny and I am 26 years old. I live in London and have a degree in Creative Writing and English. Several years ago I began getting chest pains and migraines, some da...
Posted by
28th Sep 2015
The Priory Group shared this blog excerpt with us, written by one of their former patients. It is part of a 6-part series dealing with mental health in the City. To read more and t...
Posted by
Leon Hubert
25th Sep 2015
Why do you always talk down to me? Like I'm the most idiotic person that you have ever met. Do you see me or some dumbass because I honestly don't know anymore. I make a mistake, i...
Posted by
24th Sep 2015
Seals Smuggling Vikings And Recovery “Unless you have sat in a one man kayak with an angry Bull Seal bellowing a warning at you for invading his territory you will not fully apprec...
Posted by
Will Lunn
24th Sep 2015
Okay so I came out of a psychiatric hospital a few months ago and I am supposed to be seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow but I have had to keep some things from my mum such as seeing...
Posted by
17th Sep 2015
Bringing up a child is hard. Bringing up twins is even harder. But what about bringing up twins plus a third child whilst battling mental illness? That is tougher still. There are ...
Posted by
12th Sep 2015
Tips To Enhance The Strength Of Your Immune System As the seasons change so does your immune system. Strengthening your immune system can help you fend off many illnesses that can ...
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07th Sep 2015
Hi all, I have introduced myself on here before but for those of you who don't know me I'm a 23-year-old female from the UK who has started to blog about mental health and my battl...
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07th Sep 2015
Whenever anybody suffers with a debilitating, all-consuming physical or mental illness, the first question many people around them ask is 'Why'? Why this person?' Because Anorexia ...
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07th Sep 2015