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The nights are the hardest. We tend to wish the days away yet we barely get through night time without thinking about the world and our significance in said world. I can tell you a...
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21st Dec 2018
i do not celebrate Christmas or new year but with everything being closed over this period, i think the most important is to spend plenty of time with the ones you love the most. i...
Posted by
20th Dec 2018
I am just an ordinary 26 year old girl, living in a small seaside town, have an ordinary office job, a loving family so why does the black dog choose me?! Why did I have to be one ...
Posted by
19th Dec 2018
Marked by family gatherings, goodwill and high expectations, Christmas is something in which we invest a significant amount of emotional currency. Driven by the festive nostalgia o...
Posted by
13th Dec 2018
I understand myself how difficult Christmas can be when living with mental illness. There is the pressure of ‘painting on a happy face’, even when the black dog is smot...
Posted by
13th Dec 2018
It’s been over two years since I connected with the wonderful team at Sane and published my blog about my psychotic episode. How times flies. Since then I have created the #B...
Posted by
12th Dec 2018
Hello all. 15 days till the big dayÖ..and Iím doing my best to ignore all the general goings on and merriment. Iíve been trying to put off writing my Christmas cardsÖ..but I gave i...
Posted by
10th Dec 2018
my silence depression killer, it's hard to admit am depress it's very easy to bury your mind, thought by comfort eating and binging. I have a condition called silence depression un...
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08th Dec 2018
Art is one of the best ways people get to express themselves, especially when they can’t put into words what they feel or are going through. And for people who are going thro...
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30th Nov 2018
Recently, I went to my eye doctor, and getting my results had to be postponed. Since that time, I have been filled with anxiety and worry. What has helped me cope until my next app...
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29th Nov 2018