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According to a recent survey in 2010, over 45% of individuals struggling with addiction, have also been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. Co-occurring disorders, also known a...
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07th Jan 2019
I did something very stupid the other night. I was talking on the phone about my day with the girl Iím seeing and at one point she said something totally unimportant and innocuous ...
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07th Jan 2019
With Christmas and 2018 behind us, and a whole new year stretching out ahead, January is a time for fresh starts and resolutions. But with the third Monday in January known for the...
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04th Jan 2019
Absenteeism - the habit of employees routinely not attending their shifts - is a perennial concern for businesses. Particularly in smaller or medium-sized companies with few worker...
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03rd Jan 2019
This Christmas has been my first Christmas without my maternal grandmother. To help me cope I decided to remember the happy times from Christmas pasts. One of my favorite memories ...
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02nd Jan 2019
i used to be this calm lad but ever since things have got way to much for me and i feel like i cant cope at all , everyday feels like a struggle i tend to snap very easily not at a...
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28th Dec 2018
The nights are the hardest. We tend to wish the days away yet we barely get through night time without thinking about the world and our significance in said world. I can tell you a...
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21st Dec 2018
i do not celebrate Christmas or new year but with everything being closed over this period, i think the most important is to spend plenty of time with the ones you love the most. i...
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20th Dec 2018
I am just an ordinary 26 year old girl, living in a small seaside town, have an ordinary office job, a loving family so why does the black dog choose me?! Why did I have to be one ...
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19th Dec 2018
Marked by family gatherings, goodwill and high expectations, Christmas is something in which we invest a significant amount of emotional currency. Driven by the festive nostalgia o...
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13th Dec 2018