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Around two years ago I found myself struck by an severe feelings of sadness and emptiness, a general void feeling. Concurrent to this happening a friend of mine was suffering from ...
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12th Nov 2015
My name is Tom Huber and I'm a 35 year old counsellor. I'm also a recovering drug and alcohol addict who on the 25th November 2015 will celebrate 9 years completely clean and sober...
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11th Nov 2015
Hi all My name is Tom Huber and I'm a 35 year old Suffolk UK based counsellor. I don't necessarily work under a specific theoretical model although I would say the majority of the ...
Posted by
11th Nov 2015
Lost in a world that no-one can see, But I'm happy and safe right here, It's the one and only place I can be, Myself with nothing to fear. I can hold my pen, allow it to move, Wher...
Posted by
Angela McCrimmon
10th Nov 2015
10. It’s Never Too Late At 35, I understood that I still had a significant portion of my life to live. But I figured that my personality and values had been set. For better or wors...
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06th Nov 2015
There is so much in the media right now about the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and all of that exposure is doing great things in reducing the stigma. As a journalist an...
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05th Nov 2015
Consider the BPD sufferer What does your mind conjure up? Consider what you have heard about Borderline personality disorder? what comes to mind? Is it Glenn Close in the movie ‘Fa...
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03rd Nov 2015
Despite this being a perpetual theme running throughout this blog, the concept of staying grounded is indeed a proved benefit for each and every one of us. If the act is practiced ...
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03rd Nov 2015
In my opinion, and as a former patient with schizophrenia, new public health policy may be in breach of the Hippocratic Oath that used to compel medical professionals to "first, do...
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02nd Nov 2015
Driving back home in the dark last night Gabrielle Aplin's 'The Power of Love' was blaring out of the stereo. It instantly threw me back a year and I began thinking about the last ...
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01st Nov 2015