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Borderline Personality Disorder: No Walk in the Park! Quite often people have asked me what it is like living with my Borderline Personality Disorder. They really have very little ...
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13th Nov 2016
You win, 2016. I give up. The difference between defeat and a tactical withdrawal lies in how its perceived. And, I guess, whether you decided to retreat or were driven from the fi...
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28th Oct 2016
Here are 15 lies that depression would have you believe: 15. That it is bigger than you. It’s not. It just makes you think this so that it can keep in control of you. 14. That it w...
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26th Oct 2016
This poem is in the forward poetry book The Life And Times of . it is about my breakdown four years ago . hope you can relate to this on some level . My name is Amanda Jayne Gilmer...
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26th Oct 2016
Pysc's should listen to what patients wants and work for them i.e less long term meds and more therapeutic help. Its well documented that antipsychotic can cause all sorts of damag...
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25th Oct 2016
-Here are a few of my poems which i wrote at different difficult times in my life, about my life when i couldn't or didnt know how to express my emotions/feeling...
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21st Oct 2016
This has been one of the biggest challenges of having depression. I've felt like this for around 8 years now, and I am still too afraid to tell my family. One friend knows and if t...
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17th Oct 2016
Well, where do I start? I've suffered from depression for years and actually overcame it for a while. However, these last few weeks have been hell. I've been accused of making depr...
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16th Oct 2016
Skipping To Thebeat of Life I felt alive , the rolling mist of darkness cleared before my eyes . No more the darkness that blighted my heart . My soul dancing to the tune of life ....
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15th Oct 2016
Today (Monday 10th October) is World Mental Health Day. To me, yesterday, tomorrow, next Wednesday and Christmas Day are also Mental Health Days. Nobody is perfect. I know i'm not....
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09th Oct 2016