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An incredibly difficult week and one that I am almost reluctant to look back on. And yet I know that there are issues that I need to explore. The details of the week are not import...
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02nd Feb 2016
Do you remember when you were young and used to play Super Mario Bros? Or street fighter? And the adrenaline rushing around your body when the health bar depleated because you didn...
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30th Jan 2016
If the pen is mightier than the sword… If the pen is mightier than the sword, I have more of a place on paper than anywhere else in the World… My name is Gaz. I’m nearly 34 years o...
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29th Jan 2016
Lucy Mills contacted me and asked me to share my blog on this section of the website - I think this is the right place to do it? My link for it is here: http://peaceandpositivity.c...
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28th Jan 2016
I don't really know where to start? Other than my name is Dee, I have suffered with depression for many many years. Not all of this time has every day been the same. Some days, som...
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23rd Jan 2016
In the past, people have said to me, if you wish for something long enough, it will happen. I think the same can be said in reverse, if you worry about something for long enough, l...
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23rd Jan 2016
I am a middle aged woman with five kids, C.F.S & E.U.P.D C.F.S stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and no, that doesn't mean that I'm tired all the time. I have many symtoms, mainl...
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21st Jan 2016
How self indulgent of me, writing to you like this. Yet here we are. I thought I was happy-ish more recently but then I discovered what it is to be happy. I thought because I had l...
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14th Jan 2016
New year new start isn't exactly original, but I'm hoping I can make a small change in my life if nothing else. Ever since I can remember I've dealt with my "bad moods" and self-ha...
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08th Jan 2016
I'm a 52 year old English lady. For most of my life I've received these messages whenever I've been upset or shown my emotions/if I've cried: Don't you cry/crying is weak/childish....
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04th Jan 2016