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Sometimes, the public perception of anxiety doesn't quite fit the reality of living with an anxiety disorder. The idea of someone who feels nervous more often than is comfortable, ...
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11th Jul 2019
Iím learning that it is important to not act on temporary emotions. Life isnít about finding yourself itís about creating yourself. Iím Hannah I have Eupd, possibly on the autistic...
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09th Jul 2019
Perhaps one of the most promising things about meditation is that initial studies suggest it can relieve the symptoms of depression. Depression is something that affects huge amoun...
Posted by
08th Jul 2019
When I was young, I was always lost, confused and never felt like what we would call ‘normal’. I didn’t care about anything and had no idea of my goals or whether...
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03rd Jul 2019
The latest scientific research in the field has ruled out that drug addiction meets the basic criteria to be considered a disease, insofar as its cause is unknown - it is not trans...
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02nd Jul 2019
Do you ever feel as if life just isn't going the way you hope it had meant to go? Like the only way i can describe it is that you're in water, and you're not really drowning but yo...
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30th Jun 2019
People try and tell me im wasting my life away playing games and keeping in my room. I think this is a problem with a lot of people though. The world is so messed up in the fact th...
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25th Jun 2019
Scars and hot weather. When hot weather arrives itís great, but not so great if you have scars. Itís a very daunting time and can be very scary. I for one find it very hard to go o...
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25th Jun 2019
World Music Day is June 21. I feel that this day should be celebrated because music can have a positive impact. When I am sad, I like to put on some upbeat and positive music. This...
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24th Jun 2019
How does it feel living with an invisible illness that others can't see? How will others react to me if I tell them I have anxiety that prevents me from doing day to day tasks? Wil...
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23rd Jun 2019