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what the hell is happening to me?im taking my meds its been 3 wks since my last episode,ive done the research on bipolar/mental illness then with all that happens why do i feel pos...
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07th Aug 2012
I have thought many times about getting in touch with sane and today took a look at the site and decided to start, at least by putting my thoughts down in a blog. I was diagnosed w...
Posted by
27th Jul 2012
Empty life, Empty soul, Empty heart, NO REAL HELP!!!!! Screaming and dying inside :(:(:(:(:(:(:( ...
Posted by
26th Jul 2012
In my life i have come across people who have truly made me feel life has no real sense of meaning, where as others have had such old fashioned beliefs to even realise mental healt...
Posted by
23rd Jul 2012
Having suffered from depression, it now seems for most of my life (I didn't know what it was that was wrong with me as a child/teen although I knew there was something) I can hones...
Posted by
04th Jul 2012
I have kept every little memento of my life: in depth diaries, airline tickets, photos, letters, emails, text messages, cinema tickets and notes from people everything and anythi...
Posted by
28th Jun 2012
Depression is like doing an eternal battle with your own head, tortured by your own brain and haunted by your own memories. Therapists try to teach you to be in the moment, for us,...
Posted by
27th Jun 2012
I am writing this in complete despair and feel as though I have reached a point where perhaps I may never get better. After a year and a half of not being able to leave the house a...
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27th Jun 2012
This is an issue very close to my heart. I would like to help raise funds and awareness so that nobody feels like there is no one there for them......there is always someone there ...
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21st Jun 2012
Cant answer the phone, scared I wont know what to say. Tears have run out and just left with queztions I cant face. I dont know anything anymore. Supposed to be strong but Im not....
Posted by
18th Jun 2012