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Why does it... ..always begin with Love. I'm not sure when or why I have no capacity for love. I feel it intensely inside me trapped behind a floodgate. It trickles out sometime an...
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06th Dec 2011
Ok, so Jeremy Clarkson has shown his blatent ignorance about Mental Health related issues and disregard for those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Can I honestly sa...
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05th Dec 2011
Hi everyone :-) Today I woke with a more positive attitude Why you might ask Well its thanks to lovely people who took the time to answer my question in the support forum y'day :-)...
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04th Dec 2011
Exercise even just a ten minute walk Eating good healthy food Taking b complex,probiotic, licorce root, turmeric Stop alcohol and sugary foods Drink 2 litres of water a day Follow ...
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28th Nov 2011
Summer may seem a long way off but the fires of memory are rekindled with this memento of an exploration of the sights of Cornwall in 1911....
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27th Nov 2011
hello i suffer from depression! ive been put on medication,but they don't help ive been to my local g.p and they don't do nothing! how am i gonna get better when they cant get of t...
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02nd Nov 2011
Well just joined after years of trying to cope with severe depression, one serious suicide attempt and many suicidal thoughts. It's cathartic to write in an environment in which I ...
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01st Nov 2011
Today is a better day. I don't know why. I'm not going to analyse it. I'm just going to accept it as a positive. Don;'y know about tomorrow. But here, right now its OK . It's a goo...
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31st Oct 2011
Thank God for a delayed winter, Glorious sunshine today and blue skies, but cold. So Coat on, shades on and into the back garden for an hour,. Don't know how long this will charge ...
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30th Oct 2011
I decided to write a blog to help me with moving on. I am currently doing CBT (cognative behaviour therapy) as well as being on anti depressants, as my issues of self hatred are a ...
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25th Oct 2011