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Sometimes I think I can cope with my depression/social phobia etc but other times I think that it's going to take complete control of me and consume me completely.I have tried to g...
Posted by
12th Jun 2013
Now, I'm not one to talk of light or happyness, However.... I stepped outside today into the light of the sun and closed my eyes, i took in the warmth of the sun on my cold skin an...
Posted by
11th Jun 2013
Why do i always find myself at the same crossroads? I am do busy helping other people recover that my own mind is a turmoil ready to burst. I chair a local support group have done ...
Posted by
08th Jun 2013
All I ask for it someone to listen. I don't want advice, I don't want sympathy. I just want someone to shut up and listen and let me do the talking. The problem is while people are...
Posted by
07th Jun 2013
Can you forgive? I just don't think I can. I've read lots of literature which says if you forgive you unburden yourself, you cease carrying the pain around with you. But to me carr...
Posted by
Daisy Duke
31st May 2013
So recently I have been on a bit of an even keel, I'm back at work and my mood has improved. Unfortunately, as with most of us humans, I still endeavour to seek out 'my path' or de...
Posted by
Daisy Duke
24th May 2013
Its been a few months since my last one. Things were looking up for me over the last few months then all a sudden crash. We are back to the start. Over the last week my head has be...
Posted by
20th May 2013
I am the sort of girl who lives mostly in her mind, there i think fantastic,happy,sad,spiritual,million and one thoughts about life the universe and everything else. i find daily c...
Posted by
16th May 2013
So I went back to work last week after 2 months off with a depressive episode. I am getting on okay, it's quite nice. Everyone has said 'hi' and 'how are you?' which is nice. I sti...
Posted by
Daisy Duke
13th May 2013
Sometimes I just don't know who I am anymore, or at least, the competing perceptions collide. I, too, was one of those people who grew into an adult that believed I was special: in...
Posted by
09th May 2013