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This has been a whole life journey, one that I have only taken by the scruff in the last few years because it was to be the death of me. I have struggled with a cold comfort and fe...
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26th Jul 2013
Hi I have started to try and write my feeling about how I am battling with depression. I started with depression around the age of 14 struggled with interaction with people and tri...
Posted by
25th Jul 2013
Sometimes I feel like I've got to create problems either to justify my depression or to give myself a kick up the back side into doing something about it, something to work towards...
Posted by
17th Jul 2013
Just when things were ok. Well so i thought everything is getting on top of me . I cant do this any more . Getting upset over silly things . Thoughts going through my head turning ...
Posted by
16th Jul 2013
Well this is my second attempt of a blog post. Wrote a pretty long one a few hours ago, candid, sincere, heart on sleeve. Clicked "add blog". Got signed out and lost. I wasn't goin...
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14th Jul 2013
Yesterday was my God-Daughters christening. It should have been a happy day. In many ways it was. In some ways it was one of the best days I've had. I had a best friend who not onl...
Posted by
04th Jul 2013
Where to go when succesfully driven everyone away... why be upset when isolation was the goal? What to post when everything seems wrong... what to do when plummeting... when words ...
Posted by
02nd Jul 2013
Sorry everyone - bowel talk! So I have now worked out that my bowel control problems are not necessarily a symptom of my Ulcerative Colitis, (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and have n...
Posted by
22nd Jun 2013
Just started teaching, having just recently qualified as a celta teacher. I am not used to a job that requires actually using my brain. Its really bringing out the old demons, and ...
Posted by
17th Jun 2013
The Diagnosis When a psychiatrist threw the Bipolar Bomb at me so many thoughts and questions invaded my fragile mind. Things such as ‘oh hell’, ‘what does bipolar even mean?’ and ...
Posted by
16th Jun 2013