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Dear Ana, When you approached me I was as naive. I truly believed you were helping me. You told me to stop eating sweets and fat. Me and parents had no problem with that. You make ...
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12th Dec 2013
It was by mere chance that I was born this way. There was no divine plan, no omnipotent overseer of my fate. It seems to me to be a ludicrous pretension that any heavenly king woul...
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10th Dec 2013
Irritability Inability to experience pleasure Fatigue or loss of energy Physical and mental sluggishness Appetite or weight changes Sleep problems Concentration and memory problems...
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07th Dec 2013
As tears steam down my face, I wonder if you realise the pain you are causing me. I look out of my bedroom window searching for that one ray of light. I desperately reach out to it...
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20th Nov 2013
Often I'd have extreme suicidal thoughts, feelings of shame, guilt and also anger. My imagination was very dark. It all caused me to be cerebrally fatigued. The constant noise in m...
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18th Nov 2013
Firstly an update: Back in April I wrote a blog post titled 'Me vs Mental health and a mountain', about my experiences of depression and anxiety, and how I would be raising money f...
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11th Nov 2013
Dear Depression, Unfortunately I think it is time we said goodbye. This has been a difficult decision to reach but I really think it is for the best. You have been with me through ...
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04th Nov 2013
As I sit, looking at the blank screen, and think of what to write, where to start. I feel a sadness in my heart that is bubbling up inside. I am absolutely without a doubt, blessed...
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02nd Nov 2013
The true horror of Halloween is the towering and terrifying stigma around mental health. It sends shivers down my spine to realise that deeply disturbing attitudes towards those wi...
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29th Oct 2013
1. Be kind to yourself. You are not perfect, you are a flawed human being with the right to make mistakes and the right to learn. Give yourself a break. 2. Anger is a healthy emoti...
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26th Oct 2013