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Hello, I've never used this website before but I have read through a few stories and found that I really relate to them, so I thought I'd give this a go. I'm 16 years old and I am ...
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12th May 2014
I'm a bit of a hoarder. When I say hoarder I don't just mean I have a lot of stuff, I mean that I actually have a problem from time to time organising all my stuff. Hoarding has on...
Posted by
09th May 2014
It is time to talk… After reading numerous blogs recently surrounding similar kinds of issues and hearing about the amazing work of the charity, Time to Change and their hope to ge...
Posted by
04th May 2014
Despite having friends, some of whom themselves suffer with depression, there's some things about how I feel and things I do (or more usually don't do) that I've never felt able to...
Posted by
03rd May 2014
I had a nervous breakdown last week I have told no one as ashamed I live with my partner and the nurses and docs come out every few days, my partner decided to go to his moms for a...
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02nd May 2014
I suffered from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder for 3 years and it was extremely debilitating, but now 3 years on I am totally OCD free, I went through high and lows,however it ...
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01st May 2014
The lights brighter and I'm getting through.I have the odd wobble here and there but they're getting less and less ,when I actually stop and think about it. I liken it to the iconi...
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01st May 2014
Don't Look To Closely You look around and you say I am so strong, not seeing the person I hide trying to keep from getting hurt. I put up a smile and make you believe I am not anym...
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15th Apr 2014
If you Google search ‘self help tips for (insert mental illness here), you’ll find pages and pages of advice. But the thing about mental illness is that no two people will ever hav...
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13th Apr 2014
The magnificent fortress gave the impression of grandeur and solidarity. From a distance this imposing vision could stir feelings of both respect and awe. However, under closer ins...
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10th Apr 2014