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Like many other members of Sane I was a victim of sexual abuse for several years by my grandfather and an uncle. My grandfather was a well respected member of the community who was...
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03rd Sep 2011
I sat in a meeting today, not an uncommon event,discussing business issues and participating with my colleagues. They don't know I am depressed. They may well not really know what ...
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31st Aug 2011
Pastor Phelps I know the hardness of the internal scabs that scratch each time you allow yourself to think. The grating flakes that fall away and drip with blood as eyes move from ...
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26th Aug 2011
I once wanted to be a writer, this isn't what I had in mind. If you are reading this, I imagine that you are in some way affected my mental illness. I have a lot to be thankful for...
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25th Aug 2011
Although most of us that have problems in mental health have to face it on a day to day basis just hoping that the next day will be different, we try not to let the problems rule u...
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24th Aug 2011
Ok so I've never written a blog before but I have published my story on here 'History repeats itself' For some reason today I felt like it was time to put my story out there or par...
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19th Aug 2011
So it's been a week since I first encountered quetiapine 'the miracle drug' others have told me, and although it's kept me mellow it's also kicked me in my ase, fir want of a bette...
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18th Aug 2011
Having BPD is not fun,my moods change sometimes minute by minute,like today fine all day come home my partner gets in and that's it,rage hate loathing all for the man I love.But th...
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28th Jul 2011
Who am I? To which the reply I would give is that 'I am the total sum of all my differing personalities.' I'm not a schizophrenic although I suffer from psychosis on a now regular ...
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28th Jul 2011
Hello! I would like to share with you some little tricks I've discovered to help myself when I'm not feeling very good and could be used to prevent mental illness , prevent a relap...
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27th Jul 2011