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Well woke up Wednesday am Gp appointment Friday 10am. Husband slept in the spare room after my mad episode two nights ago. I am so worried I have bits of memory about what happened...
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25th Feb 2015
I have never felt more compelled to write on this subject. The eating disorder is a genuine, hidden and damaging illness and needs to be exposed honestly and sensitively in order t...
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24th Feb 2015
BenJamin Zephaniah - poet - mental health - me and my mental poem to raise awareness 23.02.15 on the BBC this morning i did witness something that needs rental inside the feelings ...
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24th Feb 2015
"Good mental health is not simply the absence of diagnosable mental health problems, although good mental health is likely to help protect against development of many such problems...
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23rd Feb 2015
I took this picture in 2010, somewhere in Spain. I find travelling difficult - even when I'm feeling stable, it fills a part of me with panic and unease...and usually a few days in...
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21st Feb 2015
I'm not broken. I'm a warrior. I won't fall down. I am a survivor. I have taken so much from as long as I can remember and I will not just crawl into a corner to hide. My body is w...
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20th Feb 2015
Calling it “psychodiversity” rather than mental health reframes the debate The language in mental health is a constantly evolving phenomenon which doesn't hold true with the underl...
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15th Feb 2015
Dalia shares her experience of self esteem classes below, for more information please visit her blog. When I was in hospital, I received a phone call from the local Complex Care Te...
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11th Feb 2015
A few days ago I got very angry at work. It was stupid: one of those idiotic bureaucratic hoops that someone had to jump through and I knew I was not the right person to do it - I ...
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07th Feb 2015
So today I was feeling desperately in need of some company and decided to sign up for the "Rent-a-buddy" site. That went well. You have to give a description of yourself so that pe...
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04th Feb 2015