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The sun is shining outside and I envy those who are walking past smiling and chatting. Why can't that be me. I'm sat inside looking out at the world feeling like I don't belong to ...
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27th Sep 2011
today is my birthday. i'm 59. i was woken at 4.30 am by my son Oliver knocking on the front door, and ringing the door bell. he's not lived at home since he was 17 and he's now 23....
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27th Sep 2011
I have just come across this site, and heard about the Black Dog Campaign, I already write a blog about depression which is coincidentally also called 'My Black Dog'. It is in its ...
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26th Sep 2011
I've spent a lot of my life being the square peg in the round hole - in fact it's only recently that I've realised it's been far more often than I ever thought. For years I thought...
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24th Sep 2011
hello, its my first ever time having a mental illness, its really scary and cant seem to find a light at the end of the tunnel, i so frightened xx...
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22nd Sep 2011
Mum..... As time passes by I gather more questions than answers to the puzzle that was my Mum. I see her as I did when I was 5, with her chocolate coloured hair cascading down her ...
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12th Sep 2011
for the past 3 years i have suffered with various mental problems my first diagnosis was post natal depression, then i had bi - polar and recently i was diagnosed with B.P.D and it...
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12th Sep 2011
when you are diagnosed as borderline personality disorder you think thats ok not as bad as the bi_polar i was first treated for. oh no BPD comes with it:s own rules, you dare not l...
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11th Sep 2011
Like many other members of Sane I was a victim of sexual abuse for several years by my grandfather and an uncle. My grandfather was a well respected member of the community who was...
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03rd Sep 2011
I sat in a meeting today, not an uncommon event,discussing business issues and participating with my colleagues. They don't know I am depressed. They may well not really know what ...
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31st Aug 2011