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My story of a life long struggle with mental illness....
Posted by
02nd Mar 2012
Hi, Have just joined this community and would like to make a heartfelt response to the story by Felixstowes. We have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD at 13. By this time, unbeknow...
Posted by
25th Feb 2012
silly o'clock , after 2 days of sickness and being bed ridden with nothing to do i find myself in silence, not mentally - mind you !! its that my day is not filled with the day to ...
Posted by
24th Feb 2012
If it weren't for my dog over the last couple of weeks, I would not have gotten dressed and taken her out for a walk. I would have stayed in my pyjamas and stayed inside, in the wa...
Posted by
22nd Feb 2012
Itís hard to accept yourself when youíre everything you hoped not to become. When youíre everything your parents told you not to turn out to be. People donít look for the good insi...
Posted by
20th Feb 2012
I compare myself to everyone, Everything I do, is me trying to better myself, It never works. Nobody can hurt me on the inside, Whatever they say, I already know, I don't hide myse...
Posted by
18th Feb 2012
Iím fighting for recovery. I fighting for my recovery, Iím fighting to see your recovery. I've been suffering with depression for 5 years now. It's included 4 suicide attempts, sle...
Posted by
18th Feb 2012
Greetings Everyone, I just found out about SANE and I am excited to join you. As a child, I was probably dysthymic but it was never diagnosed or dealt with. In the 1990's I became ...
Posted by
17th Feb 2012
Monday, 6 February 2012 Foggy day, foggy brain..... Yesterday was rather a 'none' day......when I woke up in the morning and looked out of the window, I could see the background of...
Posted by
06th Feb 2012
Does anyone know if there is a support group for families of self harmmers in the Shropshire/Telford area and would anyone be intrested in helping start one or sponser one for the ...
Posted by
03rd Feb 2012