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This is a piece (not sure it can be called poetry) I wrote about the bullying I went through at both Primary and Secondary school. Even though I left school in 1996 my experiences ...
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23rd Jan 2015
Tribe member Anthony shares his story below, for more information please visit his blog. It's time to share. This is my story, 2015 a new year a new me and there’s no point k...
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22nd Jan 2015
Recovery from PTSD can be a beautiful but treacherous journey. I have embarked on my recovery recently and have experienced great highs and lows, even in the five months since I to...
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18th Jan 2015
It was a few years ago now when i lived with my partner and carer Sarah. I had been up all night pacing about the house. Feeling extremely suicidal and agitated. My thoughts were b...
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17th Jan 2015
I am working as a volunteer for bike 2 bikes in greyfriars stafford England. I will be photographing biles parts and inserting images on ebay. I will be working once a week; every ...
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14th Jan 2015
I can't remember a time where I felt completely "sane". It's a funny word; sane. Being insane has the implications that you are crazy, that you do reckless and inappropriate things...
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12th Jan 2015
Triber Whitest Fly recalls a moment last April which left her feeling dizzy and anxious, but recognising that their sickness was a direct consequence of their thoughts proved conso...
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12th Jan 2015
For as long as I can remember I have always felt an emptiness. Growing up for me wasn't easy and I think mostly that emotional, physical and mental abuse are the route cause of my ...
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10th Jan 2015
Feeling the January blues? Black Dog Triber and professional psychological therapist Janine Lawrence shares her expert tips which may help you get the most out of your start to 201...
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09th Jan 2015
So, I've never written a blog before, so will probably be rubbish. I've had depression for many years, since I was about twelve I guess. It's varied a lot, how bad it's been, but i...
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08th Jan 2015