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I joined SANE as their Head of Services just over 6 weeks ago. In this time I’ve learnt more than I could ever have expected about our services and those who contact us, but ...
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04th Jun 2015
SANE supporter Moira Read has shared the blog she wrote when she was experiencing a particularly difficult day. To read more of her story, visit her blog http://collageconnection.b...
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30th Mar 2015
Tribe member Anthony shares his story below, for more information please visit his blog. It's time to share. This is my story, 2015 a new year a new me and there’s no point k...
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22nd Jan 2015
Author Nina Bingham has written a reflective blog on the suicide of her daughter and how the stigma attached to mental health can be reduced if we become more comfortable talking a...
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07th Jan 2015
When Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters first began work on their children’s picture book The Colour Thief (published Wayland. Illustrated Karin Littlwood), there was somet...
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08th Dec 2014
Award-winning illustrator Karin Littlewood explains how she felt when she first read this 'seemingly simple yet powerful story' and what her first instincts allowed her to draw. If...
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23rd Sep 2014
Three years ago, Andrew became extremely ill and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Read the following blog by Andrew and Pol...
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11th Sep 2014
One of our wonderful media volunteers recalls her initial depression diagnosis at the age of 19 and how, after 12 years of battling the illness, she has finally accepted it.  I was...
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08th Sep 2014
Black rainbow is the heart-breaking story of a woman who seemed to have everything until she was hit by two severe depressive episodes. In her memoir, Rachel Kelly talks of her exp...
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19th May 2014
SANE supporter Bryony Holland has suffered from a panic disorder since a very young age and saw travelling as too much of a risk. For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, she explains how s...
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17th May 2014