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Since I last blogged. I decided to Play the game................................. I have a change of heart and decided this is a game I am going to win.I have to play it by the rul...
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14th Oct 2011
I feel so upset today and as the title suggest I wonder why does my supervisor hate me so much. I work from sun up to sundown and I work and do three peoples work too. My husband d...
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13th Oct 2011
Tomorrow I go back to work. Hopefully after tonight I will have a song in my heart. I am going to an Interview at a public House for the post of Kitchen Assistant. I love working w...
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11th Oct 2011
Hello, I am writing this after a week off from work. I was off sick and are going back soon. I NEEDED to get away from work and all of the stress I have to put up with or I might h...
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10th Oct 2011
Today is Wednesday. I am off work and feeling ill. I've got a flu type bug and I keep feeling like I want to blackout. I felt shaky earlier. It's not sunny today so staying in on t...
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05th Oct 2011